Dieter List describes his relief work with plaster as "ThreeViews" objects. What does he mean by that?
He wants to express that the spatial standpoint of a viewer decides which colour experience triggers the artwork with him.

Strictly contouring his plaster relief works in such a way that they retain the character of reliefs and, depending on where the work is viewed from, different colours are in the foreground. He achieves this by painting with paint spray and brush.

This is a work by List called "Flames" (Flammen), which was completed in May 2015.

It is a 100x10cm object. A stretcher frame was wrapped several times with plaster bandages and afterwards varnished with different colours.

The base paint was in this case the colour black. Later, purple was painted on the left hand side and orange on the right hand side. Finally, the whole work was treated with a transparent gloss varnish.

Looking at the work from the front, all the colours are visible, and also - in detail - colours that result from the mixture of colours used.

If you look at the "flames" from the left side, the violet colour is predominant. Only slightly the orange colour is visible. And of course the you can discover the black colour of the base coat in the deep contours.

Seen from the right side, the work looks like it has been painted almost exclusively in the colour orange.


If you move slowly to the left, then this dominance disappears, the other colours become visible and, the further you go to the left, you make room for the colour violet.

The mixture of the different cokour shades is clearly visible when viewed from the front in detail. But also the black base colour in the deep contours (canyons) is still visible.



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