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Dieter List works with plaster, more precisely, with plaster bandages.

Plaster bandages are an interesting material. They are predominantly used in the medical field, for example, to repair fractures. Today, however, this is more seldom the case as there are newer materials.

They are processed wet and harden on drying, then become very firm.

Dieter List gives plaster bandages strong contours and attaches them to stretcher bars. The result are expressive reliefs. He paints them in a special technique, so that the viewer, depending on the location and depending on the lighting, receives different colour experiences.

He calls this the "ThreeViews" technique and here you can learn more about it.


There is also another technique with which the artist uses plaster bandages. Here, the plaster is smoothed so that it gets a levelled surface. The bodies that List creates with it are more reminiscent of spaces, of architecture, and are clearer and stricter in their effect than the "ThreeViews" objects.
He uses the term "Pure" for this work and you can find out more here.

First insights and more detailed information about his artworks ("ThreeViews" and "Pure") can be found here, background information on Dieter List is given on this page.


November 2023: Dieter List participates in the  opening of the new exhibition rooms of the Galerie Makowski in Shezhen (CHN):

Dieter List took part at the Arte Padova in November 2023 at the stand of Mary Sperti.

Fresh out of "production" at the studio in Thailand in February 2024: "Discover the dark rooms!8"

Neue Arbeiten - "Pure"More pictures of this artwork and other new ones can be found here: New artworks  "Pure".

On display with a group exposition at Tribeca, New York´s art district:

In September 2023 Dieter List exhibited in Hamburg (Germany) at the INCorporating Art Fair:

From April 18 to 29 2023 Dieter List was on display in New York. Participating in a group exhibtion at the Makowski Gallery.

Dieter List participated at the Munich art fair (Germany) in March 2023:

He showed both "ThreeViews" and "Pure"-objects:

List´s first exhibition in 2023 in China was (with the gallery Makowski) in Shenzhen:

On the design art fair also art was displayed.
Target audience: architects for interior design.

The artist's first exhibition in 2023 in the States was on the west coast:

Dieter List participates with his artworks at this art fair with the "Galerie Makowski", Berlin, Zhuhai, New York, Paris.

List took part in a group exhibition in Wuhan (China) lasting until February 25:

Dieter List will display his objects with smoothed plaster bandages in the "Pure"-technique.

List was in Miami (USA) at the beginning of December 2022:

On this US art fair the artist showed with Galerie Makowski (Berlin, Zhuhai, Paris, New York) only objects in the Pure-technique.

November 29 - December 4, 2022

From 15. bis 29.11.2022 List exhibited for the first time in Seoul (Korea). A group exhibition at the  Hanang Gallery.

List´s daughter Victoria lives in Korea und visited the exhibition with "ThreeViews" artworks of the size 60x90cm.

List´s last solo exhibition:

Get to know the "ThreeViews"-effect:

The "Saarländischer Rundfunk" (German south-west TV)showed a portrait of Dieter List

WIMS : From the IT-Company to the sculptures with bandages
22.5.2019 19:50


This is the preview of the content of the documentation by the German TV station:

„Dieter List was an entrepreneur fort he longest time of his life. But then he makes his secret dream come true and starts to make colourful  sculptures using clothes pegs and plaster bandages.
Until eigth years agao, his life was pretty ordinary. Born in Hamburg, he studied business administration and managed various companies.
But then – more by chance –Dieter List dicovers his passion fort he fine arts and begins experimenting. His preferrred materials: plaster bandages and clothes pegs. He forms mountains, gorges, winding waves.
Living as an artist inspires him that much that he descibes himself as the happiest person in the Saarland*“

*Saarland is one oft he 16 states of Germany and the state where List resides.

The film is in German language yet shows  the studio, work technique and artwork of the artist. This is the link:



The "Making of". The two TV teams invested heavily in equipment to record the change of colour of the "ThreeViews"-objects:

Looking back:

Dieter List moved into a new studio in Zweibrücken-Wattweiler in 2016! In the premises of Eva Scheerer's former ice cream parlor, he has considerably more space both in his workshop area and for the exhibition.

Grand Opening was on Sunday, March 6, 2016.

More photos of the exhibition area can be found here.


A few impressions from the vernissage:

News from the Workshop Area:

This is a work by List that he finished recently. It has the format 35 x 35cm.

Plaster binding on a wire mesh, mounted on a stretcher frame, painted in several colours.

As with many recent works List has also painted this plaster relief object so that it is a so-called "ThreeViews-object", that is, depending on the perspective, gives different colour impressions. The work. List gave this work the name "It's swinging upwards" due to the appearance of the colours.

New category: Immersed!

On the new page "Eingetaucht" (Immersed) you can see detailed and macro shots of Dieter Lists objects. And experience completely new colors and structures. Here is an example: A detail of the plaster reliefs "Montserrat 1 and 2", two works of the size 2x 80x100cm.

More pictures of Blow-ups here!

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Hier finden Sie die Gipsreliefs in Drei-Sichten:/ Here you will find Dieter List´s studio:

Dieter List
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66482 Zweibrücken-Wattweiler

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