Instead of landscape: architecture.
Instead of "Threeviews": monochrome.
Instead of aliveness: formal rigor.
Just "Pure".

In addition to his "ThreeViews" ("DreiSicht") objects Dieter List also creates works with  smoothed plaster.
Here, the plaster bandages are processed in such a way, with the fingers smoothing the uneven surface, so that a more even surface is created.

"Green Crossroads", an artwork that List created in 2018 with the size of 100x80cm.

Plaster bandages consist of bandages, a thread mesh that is soaked in gypsum in a production process. At the crossing points of the threads, gypsum drops are deposited. Gypsum bandages are therefore inherently holey. This feature is used by List in his "ThreeViews" objects to give light to deeper layers of his work, similar to points of light on the forest floor in a forest of leaves during sunshine.

In his "Pure" objects, the artist consciously renounces this effect and concentrates on the sculptural work.

A recent exhibition concentrating on "Pure"-artworks



Dieter List emphasizes the architecture in his "Pure" work, in which - unlike the "ThreeViews" objects - he overlays several (four, five or even six) layers of plaster bandages.

While in the "ThreeViews" objects the changing colour world fascinates the viewer when he changes his position, in the case of the "Pure" objects, it is instead the constant discovery of new, deep spaces that amazes.



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