On this page you will find plaster relief works by Dieter List, which were created with plaster bandages in his "ThreeViews" technique.

Works with the "Pure"-technique can be found here.


This page is only an overview. If you want to have a closer look at the "ThreeViews" objects, please go to the corresponding page.

There are relief works by List in four different formats:
small size (up to 60 cm in height or very narrow), medium size(up to 90 cm in height or narrow), mediumlarge size(up to about 100 cm in height), large size (from 120 cm in height).

Die nächsten Ausstellungen:/
The next exhibitions:


-> Ausstellung vom /

    exhibition from

     - 29.12.2018
    Galerie Makowski |

-> Ausstellung vom /
     exhibition from
     - 9.1.2019
    Galerie Etienne de
    Causans | Paris |

-> Ausstellung vom /

    exhibition from

     - 30.5.2019
    Galerie m becki

-> Ausstellung vom /

    exhibition from

     - 2.7.2019
    Galleria Societa belle Arti
     Verona | Italien





Hier finden Sie die Gipsreliefs in Drei-Sichten:/ Here you will find Dieter List´s studio:

Dieter List
Mölschbacherstraße 15
66482 Zweibrücken-Wattweiler

Nehmen Sie direkt Kontakt
auf: /
Contact the artist directly:

Atelier / Studio:
+49 (0)6332 91 777 11

mobil  : +49 (0)177 3 444 630


oder nutzen Sie bitte das Kontaktformular.

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