Exhibitions of Dieter List (Selection).


Expositions (since 2016):


  • 2016
    • Galerie M Beck | Homburg/Saar (D)
    • Galerie Kunst am Webend | Kaiserslautern (D)
    • Galerie Neuesbild | Trier (D)
    • Luxemburg Art Week | Luxemburg (L)*
    • Art Innsbruck | Innsbruck (A)* 
    • Luxemburg Art Fair | Luxemburg (L)*
  • 2017
    • Art Karlsruhe | Karlsruhe (D)*
    • KunstRaum KM 9 | Trier (D)
    • Art Salzburg | Salzburg (A)*
    • DonostiARTean Art Fair | San Sebastian (E)*
    • Art Market Budapest | Budapest (H)*
    • Nissis Kunstkantine | Hamburg (D)
  • 2018
    • Art Karlsruhe | Karlsruhe (D)*
    • ARTe Sindelfingen | Sindelfingen (D)
    • Lausanne Art Fair | Lausanne (CH)*
    • Kölner Liste | Köln (D)*
    • ART3F Cannes | Cannes (F)**
    • Galerie M Beck | Homburg (D)
    • Paris Art Shopping | Paris (F)
    • Discovery Art Fair | Frankfurt (D)*
    • Galerie Makowski | Berlin (D)
    • Galerie Etienne de Causans | Paris (F)**
  • 2019
    • Bankhaus August Lenz | Hamburg (D)***
    • Asia Contemporary Art | Hongkong (CHN)***
    • Art3f Luxemburg | Luxemburg L)
    • Galerie M Beck | Durbach (D)
    • Galerie Doris T | St. Ingbert (D)
    • Galleria Societa belle Arti | Verona (I)****
    • Galerie Makowski | Berlin (D)
    • Facè Arts Puglia | Bari (I)*****
    • Art Market Budapest | Budapest (H)*
    • Galerie Maggy Stein | Bettembourg (L)****
    • Art MUC | München (D)
    • Art Plus Shanhai Exposition | Shanghai (CHN)***
    • Galerie M Beck | Homburg (D)
    • Arte Padova | Padova (I)*****
  • 2020
    • Bankhaus August Lenz | Hamburg (D)***
    • Art Innsbruck | Innsbruck (A)****
    • Art Karlsruhe | Karlsruhe (D)*
    • Capital Club Berlin | Berlin(D)***
    • ART MUC re:start | München(D)
    • Mostra Capodarco di Fermo | Fermo (I)***
    • Contemporaray Art Ruhr | Essen(D)***
  • 2021 (Preview)
    • World Art Dubai | Dubai (UAE)***
    • Galerie Eileen | Saarbrücken (D)
    • Mulhouse Art Fair | Mulhouse (F)
    • Facè Arts Bellagio Como | Como (I)*****
    • INCorporating Art | Hamburg (D)
    • Affordable Art Fair Hongkong | Hongkong (CHN)***
    • Contemporary Art Fair Paris | Paris (F)***
    • Volta Basel | Basel (CH)***
    • ART MUC | München (D)
    • Arte Padova | Padova (I)*****
  • 2022 (Preview)
    • World Art Dubai | Dubai (UAE)***
    • Makowski Gallery | Zhuhai (CHN)
    • Affordable Art Fair Brussels | Brussels (B)***
    • Affordable Art Fair NYC | New York (USA)***
    • Hotel Adlon | Berlin (D)***
    • Affordable Art Fair Stockholm | Stockholm (S)***
    • INC Art Hamburg | Hamburg (D)
    • Affordable Art Fair Hongkong | Hongkong (CHN)***
    • Facè Arts Treviso | Treviso (I)*****
    • ART MUC | München (D)
    • Kaiserliche Hofburg | Innsbruck (A)****
    • Arte Padova | Padova (I)*****

      *         with Gallery M Beck | Homburg (D)
      **       with Gallery Monteoliveto | Nice/Naples (F/I)
      ***      with Gallery Makowski | Berlin (D)     
      ****    with Gallery Bertrand Kass |
Innsbruck (A)

      *****   with Mary Sperti Eventi | Bari (I)



Dieter List participated in the ART MUC art fair in Munich from 14. to 17. October 2021:

The artist was at an art fair in Paris in September 2021:

With Galerie Makowski (Berlin) List went on an art fair in China:



The first mid summer art fair in Hamburg/Germany started end of August 2021. Dieter List took part.

From June 19 to June 26 there was a group exhibition of Contemporary Art in Bellagio at the Como Lake (Italy). Dieter List showed ThreeViews- and Pure-objects:

Dieter List's last Solo-Exhibition in Saarbrücken (Germany) was at spring 2021:

Pictures of the exhibition:

Here you can download the Catalogue of this exposition:

Catalogue (in German) on Dieter List's Solo Exhibition in Saarbrücken, Galerie Eileen, April 2021
The Catalogue introduces the artist, describes his was of working and his vita as an artist.
All the artworks of the exhibition are sescribes and introduced.
Exhibition Catalogue Dieter List Galeri[...]
PDF-Dokument [10.0 MB]


If you want to have a look online at the Catalogue,
click here!

Dieter List successfully participated in one of Europes first art fairs after Covid lockdown in Mulhouse (France):

One of the first art fairs after the start of Corona took place mid September 2020 in Munich. Dieter List participated.

The art exhibition went from 10 to 13 September 2020.

Even under strong hygiene restrictions there was a significant interest of visitors and all the artists were predominantly satisfied with this new art fair.


From 21 September until 6 October 2019 List took part in an exhibition in Bettembourg (Luxemburg). Curated by the Austrian Galerist Bertrand Kass:

On display at the Galerie d'Art Maggy Stein in the Chateau (Palace) were "ThreeViews"-objects of the artist.

August 2019 Dieter List had again an exhibition in Berlin focussing on his new large "PURE"-Objects:

From June 21st to July 7th List participated in a joint exhibition at the Societa Belle Arti Verona (Italy):

Dieter List showes his "ThreeViews"-objects.

In Mai 2019 an exhibition of Dieter List took place near the black forest at the Gallery Beck in Durbach:

On display were both artworks in the "Pure" as well as the "ThreeViews"-technique.

Dieter List took part at the art fair art3f in Luxemburg at the end of April 2019:

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The last Solo-exhibition of Dieter List in 2018 took place in Berlin near the famous Gendarmenmarkt from 8 December 2018 to 12 January 2019:

The title of the exhibition was : "Unexpected Landscapes".

Dieter List exhibited with the Gallery m beck from 2 to 4 November in Frankfurt at the

This was the first exhibition focussing solely on Dieter List´s "Pure"-objects.

This exhibition took place under the famous Louvre. Dieter List exhibited together with three other artists under the label "Creative Unrest".


Exhibition at the M. Beck Gallery in Homburg (Saar)

from 24  August to 18 September 2018

Dieter List joined at the end of July 2018 the first Art Fair in Cannes (France)

With the Franco-Italian gallery Monteoliveto Dieter List was at the first ever art fair on the Côte d'Azur. Despite the best weather and holiday season, the fair was extremely busy and will certainly continue in the future.

List received a large, positive response to his work.


Impressions of the exhibition:

Dieter List participated at the Lausanne Art Fair in April 2018:

Together with the "Galerie M Beck" from Homburg Dieter List was at this Contemporarry Art Fair at Lake Geneva in Switzerland!
Inspite of the excellent early-summer weather the fair received high attention and was very attractice to visitors.








Here some impressions:

Dieter List exhibited at the ARTe Sindelfingen in March 2018:

At the ARTe Sindelfingen, the biggest art fair in the Stuttgart region, the artist exhibited on a sperate booth.


Impressions of the exhibition:

Solo exhibition by Dieter List in the Hamburg HafenCity from October 11 to November 10 2017:

Impressions from the vernissage:

At the art fair "DonostiARTean Night Market" in San Sebastian (in Basque: Donostia) Dieter List was represented with Galerie Beck.

The fair took place from 20 to 23 July 2017




Impressions from the fair:

The "KunstRaum KM9" in Trier showed the exhibition "Threesome" with Dieter List from August 11th to September 2nd 2017.

Impressions from the vernissage:

21.09.2016 - 20.02.2017 Exhibition with Dieter List in the gallery Neuesbild, Trier

Opening of the joint exhibition on 21.9.2016

Dieter List was at the "Luxemburg Art Fair" which took place from December 9th until December 11th  2016.

With Galerie M Beck, Dieter List exhibited at this art fair in the neighboring country. He showed mainly newer plaster relief works in the 3-views technique.

"Art Innsbruck", from  November 30th (Vernissage) until Dezember 3rd 2016. Dieter List exhibited.

The project "Plain White Canvas" at Art Innsbruck. Every day, two artists created live new works, which then filled the white walls of Galerie Beck's exhibition stand. Dieter List and Kristin Korz started. Dieter List worked here with a monochrome, much more puristic form of his plaster reliefs:

On Friday, July 1, 2016, Dieter List participated in an art exhibition project:

Impressions from the performance in the gallery of Sabine MIA Groll and Dieter List

The artists let the visitors of the vernissage participate in the creation of their works:

Exhibition of Dieter List in Kaiserslautern from September 8th until Ocotber 15th 2016.    

In Kaiserslautern in the alternative art gallery "AmWebend",  the vernissage took place on 8.9.2016 at 19.30 clock.

Shown were new relief art works in the 3-views technique by Dieter List.

The exhibiton lasted until October 15th.

Impressions from the vernissage:

Exhibition in the "Galerie M Beck" in Homburg in June 2016

Impressions from the vernissage:

Exhibition in the ENT Clinic of the University Hospital Homburg (March - April 16)


Vernissage on Monday, March 14th in ENT-Clinic, building 6.

Opening: Prof. Dr. Schick, president of the University Hospital

Laudatio: Dr. Christopher Naumann, Gallery Beck

Exhibition in the artist gallery "Prisma" Zweibrücken (Nov.15 - Feb. 16)

A vernissage on Friday, November 20, 2015 opened an exhibition under the title "Fixierungen" in the gallery of the artist group "Prisma" in Zweibrücken. The exhibition was on view until February 26, 2016.

In addition to the painter Dorle Frank Dieter List was represented as a guest artist with his threeviews-objects.

The vernissage was extremely well attended and the exhibited works met with great interest.

Exhibition in the Gallery of the City Hall - St. Ingbert (Mai - Juli 2015).


In the city hall of the city of St. Ingbert, a vernissage on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition with works by Dieter List took place on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The city of St. Ingbert showed up to 10 July in her gallery on the 1st floor of the town hall 29 works by Dieter List. These were exclusively works with plaster. The majority of the works shown were created using the three-view technique.

Exhibition in the Gallery in the Forum - District Office Homburg (February - April 2015).


On Thursday, February 26, 2015, a vernissage took place in the gallery in the forum of the district administration of the Saarpfalz district in Homburg at 19 o'clock, opening an exhibition with works by Dieter List.

The exhibition lasted until Thursday, April 16, 2015.


The "KunstRausch", the "Art Intoxication" is an art parcours in Einrich (Community of Katzenelnbogen), in the Hochtaunus, about 30 km north of Wiesbaden, organized by the "Einricher Kunstfreunde, Association for the Promotion of Art and Culture e.V.".

The first "KunstRausch" took place in May 2006. After the great success, the organizers decided to organize the KunstRausch every two years, as in 2008 and in 2010. "Hundreds of artists intoxicated the senses in these three art events," the organizers said.

The KunstRausch 2013 was again well attended, with glorious weather and a wide range of artistic works.

Here are some photos of Dieter List of this exhibition:

Die nächsten Ausstellungen:/
The next exhibitions:




> Ausstellung vom /

     exhibition from

     16.03.2022 -
      World Art Dubai |
      Dubai (UAE)


> Ausstellung vom /

     exhibition from

     23.03.2022 -
      Affordable Art Fair |
      Brussels (B)


> Ausstellung vom /

     exhibition from

     24.03.2022 -
      Affordable Art Fair |
      New York (USA)







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